To structuralize warehouses, systemize operations and streamline transactions

iCube WMS manages, streamlines and integrates the overall warehouse operations from structuralizing your warehouses, organizing storage to systemizing inventory processing to deliver fast, accurate and visible transactions.

It consists of the advanced inventory system and workflows to automate the stocking, ordering, executing and executing the sales, purchasing, inventory, services, repair and manufacturing operations.

It integrates to Sage 300. Inventory transactions and storage are processed in iCube WMS that posts the related transactions and inventory data to Sage 300 using its SDK, seamlessly, accurately and real-time.

iCube WMS can be run on browsers, windows, mobile scanners and devices to fit various work environment. It is a complete and scalable solution that comes with three level of solutions

  • Level 1: “Mobile Scan” and “Mobile Touch” to scan and touch to process inventory transactions
  • Level 2: “Warehouse Plus” with level 1 plus warehousing features and inventory workflows
  • Level 3: “3PLs” with level 2 plus real-time data integration with customers and vendors

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Mobile Scan

scan to process sales, purchase, manufacturing, inventory and service orders by mobile scanners


Mobile Touch

touch to process sales, purchase, manufacturing, inventory and services orders by mobile PDAs


Warehouse Plus

manage inventory and systemize operations by workflows and auto transactions


Starship Link

link to Starship shipping system to print shipping labels and get tracking numbers



pack items to cartons/pallets, generate package labels and relate items within


EDI Link

link to 123EDI engine to do 2-way data exchange to Sage 300 and Sage Pro


3PL Warehouses

provide storage and logistic services with data and process integration to customers


Serial Items

process inventory and transactions of serialized items by serial numbers


Kit Items

process inventory and transactions of items that consists of kit components