A sincere appreciation to our customers who have been giving us the opportunities to work with them, to learn and to be inspired…

“iCube Supply1st allows us to split order lines to multiple ETDs based on our customers’ requirements and delivery schedule from our factories. iCube further extends this feature to our EDI integration with one of our top customers.”

Mr. Simon Chow, Controller

“We have been using iCube RMA, order processing and warehousing solutions for more than twenty years now. Recently, our logistics services have been surged unexpectedly fast and we were so happy that we got “iCube 3PL” working in less than a month.”

Mr. Andy Wu, Operation manager

“We have over twenty restaurants in both the United States and Canada with hundreds of POS transactions each day. There are always challenges to have a centralized and efficient workflow to exceed different operating and accounting requirements in multiple countries. iCube POS Link reads POS data, creates accounting transactions to Sage 300 including tips, gift card tenders and redemption; seamlessly, reliably and fast.”

Mr. Andrew Sha, Financial Data Specialist

“We have been looking for a service system for a long time and I started to have doubt whether our requirements are that unique. Until I saw iCube Customer1st, I realized it can do all we want without compromise”

Mr. Chi Liu, Controller

“We started with their WMS solution and had extended to acquire their e-Commerce, Service, workflow and manufacturing products. We have grown tremendously fast for the past years and the growth projection is even stronger. We need versatile and friendly products and services like iCube to expand.”

Mr. Brad Song, Vice president and CFO

“For over a decade, iCube has been enhancing our order processing workflow with EDI integration to our customers. Their products are unique, their services are outstanding and their team is very professional and friendly to work with …”

Mr. Tommy Hsu, General Manager

“When I first tested iCube Supply1st, my first impression was “it’s too good to be true” a product with such flexibility to complement Sage 300? It took only one solution presentation to one of our major customers to decide on iCube Supply1st as their order processing solution for over a dozen branches in Canada and United States.”

Mr. Peter Ribeiro, Principal

“iCube is a unique software publisher with outstanding services to deliver broad and deep solutions to my Sage customers. They are very flexible, professional and capable and always save me from many special requirements that seem almost impossible to fulfill.”

Mr. Yuji Ioriya, Principal