Discrete and process manufacturing systems to plan, execute and improve production

iCube Manufacturing is a suite of manufacturing systems for discrete and process based manufacturing, with specialized derivatives for plastic molding, paper converting, food, beverage and apparels. The solutions are for emerging to established system integrators, factories and manufacturing contractors in various industries.

They manage the entire engineering and manufacturing work, from product definition to development, product release and engineering changes, document control, revision control, material and capacity planning, production scheduling, shop floor control, quality control and corrective actions.

The built-in inventory system for WIP (work-in-progress) consists of bins assigned to work centers corresponding to the manufacturing processes configured to the specific machines, tooling and labors. During a manufacturing order, the system routes the material in and out of each process in the manufacturing workflow, tracks the inventory transformation and yields of output, byproducts, recyclables and materials, the usage and overhead of machines; the direct and indirect labor and other miscellaneous cost.

The status, progress, performance, quality, cost and projection of manufacturing work are visible, with options to react for existing work and intelligent information for on-going improvement.

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Item Master

define, create, approve and maintain item information


Product Release

manage and approve product releases with document and revision control


Bill of Materials

design, approve and revise bill of materials with document and revision control


Work Order

workflow to track manufacturing orders from creation, approval, executing to completion


Production Scheduling

schedule and allocate materials, labor and machines to work orders by process


Shop Floor Control

track material, labor and machine usage by process and classify costs


Material Planning

derive net requirement, constraints and shortfall with resolution per item per planning period


Capacity Planning

To identify capacity constraints and shortfall of output with projected delay per planning period



manage work subcontracted to contractors from start to end with inventory consignment


Production Workforce

manage labor activities, attendance, work assignment and performance


Engineering Changes

manage design changes from creation to completion with BOM integration


Corrective Actions

manage product faults from reporting to resolution with ECO integration



manage design faults from reporting to resolution with analysis


Production Quote

manage build-to-order quotes with lead-time, cost and schedule for different lot sizes


Manufacturing Intelligence

analyze performance for planning, execution and quality with insights for improvement