To manage web-stores and integrate to marketplaces and Sage 300

Maintaining web-stores and logistics are time-consuming and prone-to-error routines. Per store, administrators need to

  • maintain store setup, policies and campaigns
  • upload item info, inventory and tracking numbers
  • download orders, post to ERP and process the logistics

iCube eCommerce reduces hassle, time and errors to do two-way, auto or manual data exchanges between stores and ERP to streamline these processes, improve productivity with minimum human intervention.

Now, you can automate the

  • product setting in multiple stores with different configuration, pricing, promotion, with or without inventory etc.
  • creation of purchase orders for vendors to drop-ship to your customers
  • integration to different carriers to print shipping labels and retrieve tracking numbers
  • posting tracking numbers to each store

Read more about…

Store Master

manage stores and product setup such as policies, configuration, pictures, features and promotion


WP Link

sync orders, product, inventory and tracking numbers between Word Press based stores and ERP


Amazon Link

sync orders, product, inventory and tracking numbers between Amazon based stores and ERP


B2B Store

enter and view bids and orders with web-store interface for B2B customers


Logistics Automation

integrate to iCube WMS to release orders, pick, ship, invoice with cash receipt and post tracking numbers


Customer Return

integrate to iCube Customer1st to process customer return from request to completion