manage customer services from request to resolution, online, in-house, at customers’ and contractors’ sites

iCube Customer1st™ manages services from start to end and automates the logistics among your company, customers and the service providers.

It supports your channel and end-customers with services conducted in-house, online, on the fields and at contractors’ sites with full tracking, alerts and escalation to achieve satisfaction.

Customers can request services online, attach documents for proof of purchases with rules to exempt returning the defective items. Vendors and service providers can retrieve service orders from you, update status and submit shipping documents and invoices online.

Integrating with “iCube WMS” allows you to segregate the conditions of inventory (brand new, refurbished, defective, obsoleted and scrapped etc. ) and classify cost accordingly.

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Customer Care

manage customer services from requests to resolution with alerts and escalation



for customers to request services and check status and history online



process customers' returns (warranty or billable) for credit, replacement, repair or upgrade



process items return to vendors for credit, replacement, repair or upgrade


Depot Repair

repair and recondition products; track parts, labors, defects and resolution


Field Services

manage onsite services from request to scheduling, dispatching, servicing and invoicing


Service Subcontracting

manage contractors' work for repair, logistics and help desk services


Service Center

all-in-one system to manage services and interact with customers and vendors