Enhanced Order Structure

enhances the infrastructure and capabilities to do more and better

iCube adds and enhances the order structure for Sage 300 to extend the capabilities to process orders, logistics and inventory transactions

  • “order types” for customer services, customer return, vendor return, field services, inventory, manufacturing, engineering, quality control and corrective actions
  • “priority” to define urgency
  • “communication” to share information and alerts
  • “document” to describe the orders such as customers’ POs and product specification
  • “sub-line” structure under the order line level with each sub-line carries a specific info or attribute for
    • splitting an order line with multiple ETDs to ease planning and customer acknowledgement
    • linking a multiple sales order lines with each sales order to a sub-line of a purchase order for multiple SOs to one PO relationship
    • classifying a RMA line by status with quantity that have been received, repaired or shipped
    • many others
  • organize orders from start to end by process identified by order status, allow to define rules of who, what and when to process, and log with time and user stamp for traceability

These fundamental core enhancements to order structure facilities applications to provide more capabilities to benefit users, consultants and developers.