Intelligent Workflows

A sequence of pre-defined processes to perform a work and deliver consistent output

Most work consists of multiple processes to be performed in a fixed operating sequence. Each process may have different outcomes such as to proceed, reject for correction, hold for further notice or escalate for help.

Workflow is the ideal solution to process work. You can define rules for processes such as

  • what tasks (order entry, approval, shipping…)
  • who to perform (data entry clerks, managers, shipping clerks …)
  • when to perform (at what operating sequence such as order entry, approval, ship …)
  • exception (what, when and who to notify)
  • escalation (what, when and who to notify)

Once rules are set, the workflow will control the processes to meet the rules and deliver consistent output.

Workflows solve many common operating problems such as

  • perform the wrong work
  • perform the work wrong
  • perform at the wrong time
  • perform by the wrong person
  • consume the wrong resources
  • forget to perform

To make workflows easier to run, iCube designs intuitive and powerful user interfaces to facilitate workflows that you can do more such as to define priority, attach documents, track revisions, share info with others… Read more