Multi-Faceted Functionality

offers options to exceed various requirements

iCube products are independent systems that come with interfaces for Windows, browsers, mobile scanners and devices to fit specific working environment. They are partitioned by modules with each module performs a major functionality. They are highly configurable that can be installed in separate application servers connected to one more databases. Each application server can be configured with its required security and setup for that application. This setup allows scalable expansion by adding new application and database servers to fit growth.

iCube even comes with different derivatives for a module or even at the product level to fit very specific industries and requirements. They are all integrated to other iCube modules and products, to the same ERP and other integrated systems.

Running on the cloud or premises, on mobiles, computers or scanners, onsite or offsite, users can start with a module with the best fit interface, running one a laptop to multiple modules installed on multiple servers with distributed processing capability and multiple databases.