iCube products collect operational data along the processes, with analytical tools to show performance. They provide insights on what and how to improve from tasks to the operation and business level.

Processing of orders for sales, purchase, inventory, service, design, engineering changes, manufacturing and quality orders and the related inventory transactions are logged to show the following general information

  • number of transactions by order type and transaction type per given period, the trend, the capacity limit and comparison with user-definable norm
  • number of rejects, revisions and corrections and the reject rate
  • rejects by reasons, frequency and distribution by product, processes etc.

In particular, “Shop Floor Control”measures manufacturing defect rate, the causes and how they related to what materials and/or manufacturing processes. “eQA” tracks product development performance, the causes, delays and by product. “Corrective Actions” tracks defects, causes and resolution for incoming materials and vendor’s quality in products and services. “Engineering Changes” track the correction to products and manufacturing processes and tie the cause of errors to all affected products or processes.

“RMA” shows your product quality and returns by products and reasons. “Customer Care” shows how users satisfy with your solutions in which their perspective is the most matter.

You have what you need to operate, with options to fit your models, intelligence to shows performance and what to improve, and the judge from the customers’ perspective.